December 21, 2017

I've saved the best holiday cookies for last, guys.

My childhood self would shriek "heresy!" if she heard me say that, but I tell you what... I can (and just did) binge on these cookies like no other. They are crisp, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth, nutty, and just a smidge...

December 14, 2017

And now back to our usual programming.

One of the tried and true recipes we made each year was this wonderful, crunchy combination of almond and mint. These candy cane cookies pack a full almond flavor, but without the dense crunch of other similar ones I've tried. Thes...

December 10, 2017

It's a quick post today, but an oh so delicious one. Yesterday I told you all about our traditional sugar cookies that we decorate each year. Well, in the course of making them this go around, I had a brain wave. What if.... what if I browned the butter before using it...

December 8, 2017

Growing up, we really only had two Christmas albums we listened to: Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker and a crackly old cassette tape, copied from a friend's record who knows how long ago. It was a darn brown cassette with a lined label over top on which my dad's spidery ha...

November 30, 2017

The Christmas Baking Quest continues!

Today's endeavour (<-- clearly my spelling has been watching too much PBS this week) is one of my go-to snacks for Christmas parties, gift boxes, party favors, and cheese plate accessories. These simple spiced nuts are incredibly ea...

November 27, 2017

Everyone! Everyone!

It's here at last. It's the Most Wonderful Thyme of the Year! (Oh lord, even I hate myself a little for that one.) I'll blame the bad punning on remnants of tryptophan. Or something like that.

Anyway, what I mean to say by all that is it's Christ...

November 6, 2017

In the world of Things That Are Dangerous for Me to Bake, these fudge nut bars might just slide in at spot #1. These were a staple dessert of our childhood and I don't think I can recall a single occasion where we didn't have to be chased away from the mixing bowl befo...

October 30, 2017

Fall has been a bit standoffish this year. It's nearly the end of October and the past month and a half has been far too dominated by 74 degree weather and green-leafed trees. 

It's October, Chicago! Get your act together.

But at long last this week has delivered th...

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The table is the heart of community and that is the heart ​of this blog. I am so excited to share these meals with you!


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